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2700 locust street, St. Louis, MO 63103

Out in the cornfields of Illinois is a treasure… And in many ways what makes this restaurant even more special is the friendliness and authentic nature of the family who own and cook this exceptional food… this passion permeates the cooking, the service, and the ambiance of this exceptional restaurant in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois. It’s not that far and it’s a pretty drive.  And you’ll be happy that you went.  Masarap (delicious) with a big 5 stars!!

Mark P., St. Louis, MO

Absolutely legit!  Haven’t had food like Mom’s in a long while.  I ordered to-go, and could even hear Lola singing in the kitchen while she was cooking (how filipino is that!)  Totally worth the drive from St. Louis, and will definitely be back!  Thanks for bringing authentic filipino food closer to home.

Terry C., St. Louis, MO

OMG this place is AMAZING! Fresh Filipino food made to order. Had the chicken curry and lumpia. I will be coming back ASAP.

Minda R., O’Fallon, IL